What Do Locksmiths Actually Do?
Posted on: August 27, 2017, by : Matthew Peifer
Locksmith changing lock on house

You know that locksmiths work with locks, obviously. But you might be wondering what all they actually do. Aside from cutting keys, do they offer any additional services? Of course! Here are some of the main services that locksmiths offer – they might not all be what you think.




  1. Key Copies: It’s important to have a few spare keys. Locksmiths are equipped to help make copies to ensure that you have what you need in case your main set goes missing or a key breaks.
  2. Key Replacements: If you don’t have spares, don’t worry. Locksmiths can replace lost or broken keys to help you get back in and on your way.
  3. Lockouts: It can happen to the best of us. Some mornings are hectic and it’s easy to forget your keys inside your house… the house that you just locked yourself out of. Don’t let the stress take over, though. Locksmiths can get you back in and on your way in no time.
  4. Key Fob Replacements: Things could get tricky if you lose or break a key fob. How are you supposed to get anywhere and get anything done without it? The good news is that locksmiths are equipped to help repair or replace key fobs as well as standard keys.
  5. Rekeying: Whether you’ve just purchased a new home, just got new tenants, or can’t find one or most of your keys, it’s probably a good idea to have the house or car or business rekeyed. Locksmiths are able to come to you and rekey your locks without having to replace any door handles.
  6. Fixing Broken Locks: Sometimes keys break off and get stuck in the lock, or sometimes lock mechanisms break, rendering the lock useless. You don’t have to buy a new handle or new car, though. Locksmiths are able to repair broken locks quickly.
  7. Security and Safes: A locksmith isn’t just limited to locks on homes and cars and businesses. If you’re unable to get into your safe or access your security system, we can help there too.

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  1. Thanks for your comment about how locksmiths should be able to quickly fix your lock that has been broken. I like how you said that they should be able to replace your keys if needed as well. My brother’s house lock broke, and he is looking into professional locksmiths that provide repair service.

  2. It’s good to know the services a locksmith can offer. It’s nice to know that they can re key all the locks without having to replace the door handles. We just bought a home, so that would be nice for peace of mind.

  3. I love learning what locksmiths can do. I didn’t realize that they could rekey locks without having to replace the knobs. That would be nice because we just moved into a new home.

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