Interesting Facts About Locks
Posted on: June 20, 2018, by : Matthew Peifer

Security is not something to be messed around with as it can be the only thing that stands between a sticky handed thief and the most valuable object on earth. But sometimes, it is nice to take a take a step back and see a different side of things. Here are some pretty interesting facts about locks.

The oldest lock was estimated to be made around 4,000 years ago.

It was found by archeologists in the Khorsabad palace ruins near Nineveh. It was a forerunner to a pin tumbler type of lock, and a common Egyptian lock for the time.

One of the basic lock designs is the lever.

This design dates back to the Roman Empire and was comprised simply of a small lever made of metal that worked with a bolt.

James Sargent made the first combination lock in 1857.

Many time-lock mechanisms in banks today are still based on the same technology as Sargent’s invention.

Harry Houdini was a locksmith before becoming a magician.

As a young boy growing up poor, he took a job as an apprentice with a local locksmith to earn extra money for his struggling family.

A parrot in England picked a lock in November of 2014.

The parrot was named Magic, escaped from his cage and then the car in which he was being transported. The green bird has not been seen since.

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