Customize Your Access! Never Rekey Again!

Audit Trails, Schedules & Electronic Keys. The Most Cost Effective Access Management System on the Market Today!

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What is Cyberlock?

CyberLock is a key-centric access control system designed to increase security, accountability, and key control throughout your organization. Based on a unique design of electronic lock cylinders and programmable smart keys, CyberLock solves security problems that no other system can.

Why Cyberlock?

Versatility: Control Access to Every Asset

CyberLock cylinders can be easily deployed not only on doors, but also on gates, trucks, shipping containers, and other mobile and remote assets. With Cyberlock, Access Control is now possible on assets that were previously restricted to only mechanical locks and keys.

Cost Effective: Eliminate Costly Cabling

Cyberlock electronic cylinders are installed without power or wiring making setup and installation a quick, easy, and affordable task. The batteries in the CyberKey smart keys energize the CyberLock cylinders, bypassing the need to install and maintain expensive wiring.

Superior Key Control: Re-Key Electronically

Keys are programmed with access permissions for each individual user. If a key is lost, it can easily be deactivated in the system, eliminating the need for costly re-keys.