Cyberlock White Pages

Securing Cell Phone Towers

Cell phone carriers have a unique challenge in securing facilities with remote sites in a large geographic area, much of which has challenges with networks and power. Many of these sites are also exposed to harsh weather conditions being on snow covered mountains, valleys and sea shores. Cyberlock has a proven track record with these companies and is the perfect choice for managed and controlled access control.

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D.O.T. and Signal Maintenance

There are literally millions of intersections in the United States using traffic signals and lights to safely manage vehicular traffic. Astoundingly, the equipment used for signal maintenance is secured in a cabinet using the same #2 key of which there are hundreds in circulation. The responsibility for securing this equipment usually falls within the D.O.T. group from each State. Cyberlock has been the go to solution for many of these groups for nearly 15 years.


Cyberlock has proven itself invaluable within our Church groups. It is hard to believe that churches are huge targets for theft because of the valuable items located within them. The low cost per door is the most attractive attribute Cyberlock offers because large churches always have lots of doors to secure. Whether they are exterior or interior doors, Cyberlock has the right solution and the most affordable price points.

Power Utilities and the Grid

Protecting the nation’s power grid is a mammoth undertaking. NERC and FERC guidelines have been re-written to address today’s current threats from would be terrorist. The wide range of Cyberlock cylinders and padlocks have been a perfect choice for power stations and sub stations dotted all across our great nation.

Airport Security

Since 9/11, airport security has been a major point of emphasis and new security protocols have been put in place by TSA. All access points into the air operations area (AOA) must be secured and accountability to access must be shown at each entry point. Many of these are fence lines which have gates or access points every so many feet apart. Cyberlock padlocks have been the low cost solution used at many or our nation’s airports for this particular application. Of course, there are many other areas and doors within the airport facilities Cyberlock can and has been implemented for the same reasons.

Water Utilities

The fallout from 9/11 and continued terrorist threats brought about new regulations for water utilities to secure their physical assets and electronically track anyone that accesses their facilities. Protection the nation’s water supply is critical for the safety of our citizens. Many of the water wells are secured with padlocks and that is where Cyberlock sets themselves apart from other products.