Month: July 2018

Myths about Locksmiths

The longer something has been around, the more likely that myths will be surrounding it. But there’s nothing like debunking these myths and finding out the truth.

Lock-picking portrayed in films is accurate.

You really should not believe everything you see on TV. Whether it is James Bond, Sherlock Holmes, or MacGyver, lock picking isn’t as easy as they make it look. Because every lock is different, sometimes it can be opened right away, but at other times it takes 15-20 minutes to pick. Sometimes locks are grimy or the door frame could be in the way.

I’ll only need a locksmith when I’m locked out.

You may be surprised to know that locksmiths are capable of doing many feats apart from picking locks. They can make your keys operate smoothly, master key all your rental properties, and install new locks. They can also offer advice on what door hardware to buy or offer a good deal on bulk buys and quality parts.  As the technology of the world increases, so does many locksmith’s capabilities.  Many companies, such as Peifer, are moving in the direction of an integrator of electronic parts such as card access, automatic door operation, and camera systems.

It’s better to purchase lock picks and do it myself.

Lock picks and other equipment like it are restricted for good reason – that is, obviously to prevent break-ins and burglary. Even if you can find a way to get some, just having them may be against the law so just leave that part to the professionals. There is also extensive practice and training required to pick a lock. If not done properly you can wreck the lock you’re working on. So, leave it to the professionals.

Locksmithing does not Need License

Many states now require licenses to purchase tools and equipment required for the locksmith trade.  This requires the professionals to maintain an ongoing education about the industry and best practices to treat the customer right.  You wouldn’t trust just anyone to fix your sink, right?  Likewise, be sure you’re picking a qualified company to make sure your building, assets, and people are safe and secure.


Headquartered in Memphis, Tennessee, Peifer Companies LLC has been providing professional security solutions since 1985. Starting out as a traditional locksmith company, we have grown into an integrator of electronic access control and provider of patent-protected key control products.

Our crew of Security Professionals provide service and installations on nearly all commercial and residential locks and hardware. Our electronics division is the fastest growing section of our business which provides sales and service on a host of access control products, cameras, and alarms. We are fully licensed in both Tennessee and Mississippi to perform any service associated with an opening. Call us today for all of your security needs.