Month: February 2018

4 Tips for Avoiding Getting Locked Out of Your Home

One of the quickest ways to for good day to go south is to discover that you’ve misplaced your keys or otherwise ended up locked out of your house. We here at Peifer Safe & Lock can help, and in more ways than just coming over and getting that lock open for you. We’ve also put together this handy list of tips that can help you avoid the situation altogether!

Check Often

While we can’t account for something like our keys spilling out of our pockets, or falling unnoticed to the car floorboard, we can reduce the risk of being locked out by making it a habit to check often for them. Make sure they’re in hand or pocket before you leave the house, before you leave the office, and before you close your car door.

Keep Spares

A sure-fire way to ensure that there’s a key available when you need it is to have access to a spare. Make a duplicate of your primary key and keep it in a safe place. There are lots of great options; you can entrust it to a friend or family member, hide it near the door, or carry it in a separate place than your regular keys, like in a wallet or briefcase.

Use a Key Finder

Technology is well-equipped to help you keep track of your keys. You can get key finders tied to phone apps that make it as easy as pressing a button to locate your key.

Try Keyless

Many homes today are accessible by a code or even a fingerprint scan rather than a key. We don’t recommend making the move to keyless just to use a fob or key card, though, as those can get lost just as easily.

If it happens that circumstance works against you and you still end up locked out, your Peifer Safe & Lock team is happy to be your last resort. For any lock problems that you might have, we have answers. Contact us today to learn more about lock maintenance, and our other services.