Month: December 2017

What to Store Inside Your Home Safe

You might be wary of storing your most valued and important possessions in a safe at home instead of a safety security box. But while banks may have all the latest in security technology, they don’t make it very easy to get into. You’d be restricted by bank hours, contents of a safe deposit box are rarely insured, and any cash you might store there is not protected by the FDIC. If you have homeowner’s insurance, your home safe is secured from theft and damage! Here are just some of the things you should store in a home safe instead of a safety deposit box.


  • Property insurance policies and agent contact information

This will be a necessity if your home is ever damaged by fire or natural disasters. Filing a claim will be much easier with the information readily available.

  • Information on outstanding debts, investments, bank accounts, and retirement

The last thing you want to deal with in the event of house damage in a natural or accidental disaster is to face debt collectors, or to lose all your information on finances.

  • Spare keys and titles to your vehicles

You’ll always know exactly where they are in case of emergencies. If you’re ever looking to sell your vehicles, you won’t have to contact your local DMV for a spare title if you lose it.

  • A copy of your will or wills with which you are the executor

An important difference between a safe at home and a safety deposit box is that in event of a person’s passing, the bank seals their safety deposit box and won’t open it except by estate representatives providing court orders. Anything you need immediately should be accessible from a home safe.

  • CDs and hard drives of important documents and family photos

Gone are the days of enormous photo books – technology has made it so easy to store memories! If you still have family photos in print form or rolls, there are many companies that can digitize them and store them on flash drives for easy storage.

You can include many more things into a safe provided you have the space for it, and it’s always a great idea to buy a safe that’s fireproof. Protect your valuables from theft and damage with our great selection of Hayman and AMSEC home safes today. Peifer Safe and Lock is here to protect the things that matter most!