Month: October 2017

Smart Locks: What You Need to Know Before Making the Upgrade

We live in a modern era with many amazing inventions and that includes the locks on your front door. One of the most recent additions to the tech market is the smart (electronic) lock.

What Are Smart Locks?

Smart locks, also known as an electronic lock, operate via electric current rather than a material key. Smart locks are stand-alone units that commonly attach to a single lock, but have the potential to access operate multiple locks within a building. A smart door lock accomplishes all of these functions using WiFi, giving you control over your lock from anywhere you can connect to the Internet via the lock’s smartphone app. Using the app, smart locks conveniently use virtual “keys” you can share with others eliminating the need to make hard copies. The app also alerts you any time the door locks or unlocks, giving you a history of who is coming and going. Surprisingly, smart locks don’t cost substantially more than a premium standard lock making them an easy and affordable investment.

What Do I Need to Know?

Now that you know all about smart locks and how they work, there are a few key items to consider before clicking the “Order Now” button in your shopping cart.

  1. Inspect Your Door
    Different smart locks offer different things, but the one thing they all have in common is that they’ll automatically turn your deadbolt. That’s all well and good, unless you have one of those doors that needs a little song and dance routine as you use the key. If you need to push or pull for the deadbolt to move, this needs to be resolved before installing a smart lock. You should also ensure your door fits the measurements required to fit the new system.
  2. Check App Compatibility
    While you’re looking at special features, it would be wise to think about any other smart devices you may want to in conjunction with your smart lock. Most smart locks are built to integrate with a number of different third-party platforms and devices, but it can vary from lock to lock.
  3. How Many “Keys” Do You Need
    Check your smart lock of choice and confirm its stance on multiple users. Some locks are great for single users and simply unlock once you are within range. Other locks allow multiple users, but they all need to install the app on their phone. Some locks offer unlimited key codes while others charge after the first two keys are given out. Consider how many tenants or visitors may need a code before making your purchase.

Smart locks are the perfect solution for when you plan on having a friend feed your cat while you’re on vacation or you want to give temporary access to the handyman. You may not NEED a smart lock, but it’d sure make your life easier and heighten your sense of security when you’re not home. Just be sure you have a skilled electronic locksmith’s number on hand. That being said, you can reach us online or give us a call at 901-363-6396.