Month: September 2016

Buyer Beware – Locksmith Scammers

WMC Action News 5 local to Memphis has just run a story to expose the issue of locksmith scammers to the general public. This is not the first time that Andy Wise has brought this issue up, and the mere fact that it is getting worse is good reason to make sure you are protecting your homes and businesses from these scam artists.

So what exactly is the problem?

These scam artists are using call centers out of state to direct a consumer to them in their time of need. They quote you a reasonable price over the phone, however when the technician calls you he may give you an entirely different pricing structure. Make no mistake, these are not “locksmiths”. We have encountered a few personally and they do not have even the most basic of knowledge on locks. After these scam artists physically destroy your property to get in your vehicle, home, or business, they then replace the locks with the cheapest contractor grade hardware that they can find and will ensure you that it is a “high security” replacement. Once the job is done, they convince the consumer that since the job was so difficult and parts needed to be replaced that the price has increased astronomically. We have had reports of a simple rekey of 4-5 doors costing customers upwards of $2,000 – which is absurd!

So what can you do about it?

Tennessee is a licensed state, meaning that to practice locksmithing both the business and EVERY individual working for that business must carry a locksmith license. Many states are not licensed however, but you still must carry a business license at the very least to operate legally. The story linked above has many valuable resources for helping protect yourself against these seemingly legitimate scammers. Another very important note is this is not just an issue with the locksmith industry, but one with any service industry that a business sends a technician to your location. These people who are looking to make a quick buck are giving a huge black eye to our industry and we are going to do everything in our power to help you identify and protect yourselves.

WMC Action News 5 – Memphis, Tennessee

Full Story: WMC Locksmith Scam Report

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