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Lock Bumping and Bump Keys

To: Peifer Safe & Lock Customers
From:Glen Peifer, Owner
Date: October 5, 2006
RE: New Theft Technique

We are being proactive in alerting our customers of a lock picking technique that is being broadcast all over the internet. Google search "lock bumping and bump keys" and you will find information about how to make these keys and use them. You will even find sites where anyone can buy pre-made sets of bump keys in several common keyways. In my opinion, the risk factor is very high with this technique because it works on a high percentage of locks (residential and commercial) and it only takes a minute to learn. Locks that are especially vulnerable are master-keyed cylinders.

Local and National news stations are airing stories on this problem. I want to make my customers aware of this potential threat. You need to know how to safeguard against this technique and what to be aware of. If you want more information or if I can advise you further on the security of your home or business, I will make myself available at your convenience.

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